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Author Topic: Primate Theophilus Olabayo’s esdras about Jonathan and Buhari (2)  (Read 3880 times)

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Primate Theophilus Olabayo’s esdras about Jonathan and Buhari (2)

Written by Tony Afejuku Monday, 16 May 2011

NOW, before I continue with my peregrination and exploration, I feel the urgent and immediate need to give attention and answers to the pertinent questions raised above. Our esteemed Primate is not a vilipender. He is also not at all a prophesier of doom. And his visions and revelations do not lack conscious facts of spiritual and divine truth. If any of his visions and revelations did not materialise in the past of present time, it certainly was due to prayers that were offered, to quote him, “by the body of Christ to avert the impending dangers.” But not all impending dangers can be averted,  no  matter how hard we pray and no matter how sincere and repentant we are in our prayers. At least, Esdras tells us this.

So,  no  one  who  knows and understands the import of spiritual and divine prophecy and how its truth comes into being or why it never ultimately comes into being at the expected time or why it not at all comes into eventual realisation, will doubt or query the authenticity of the voice of God in the mouth of His true servant who delivers the Lord’s message. For the incorruptible, God’s ways are mysterious. Our shallow minds cannot understand God and them. Even when we have never seen Him, deep within us we will and must believe His words as they divinely spew forth, from the tongue of His servant.

Thus, we must doubt the divine message Primate Theophilus Olabayo delivers to us at our peril. This pioneering popularizer of public prophecies in Nigeria is genuine, and I will plagiarise myself by repeating what I stated earlier: He is a man of high state of being who is not really of our world, though he lives among us. We have not been in each other’s company, and we don’t know if ever we will meet on this earth plane, but as someone who is excellently trained in the aesthetics of poetic prophecy and who  also possesses some good measure of teaching and learning in esoteric prophecy and philosophy, I am feelingly tendering my thoughts and revealing here that Primate Olabayo shares spiritual and divine attributes with several of our Biblical prophets. The Primate’s gifted predictions can help to preserve the Nigerian nation in our moment of desperate need. I must plagiarise myself again. Primate Olabayo is not a fabricator of lies fashioned to hoodwink the gullible public including the power politicians and their disciples. The Primate’s dreams and predictions pertaining to our national destiny and democratic design cannot be discountenanced. His Mount Taborah spiritual, esoteric and divine ideals are not the types to be jettisoned by our political leaders who ought to yield to their directional goals.

Where does all this lead us? Primate Olabayo’s Saturday Tribune, January 1 , 2011 prophecy already cited (last Monday) is real and is gradually moving, it seems, towards its divine destination. The Primate said that the issue of zoning is a huge one that would not be wished away. Now, the smart and not fully clever PDP egg-heads and tacticians and strategists are zoning the positions of Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives, yet they have told us times without number that the Nigerian Constitution does not recognise the doctrine and necessity of zoning. This clever logic informed the scheming of the North out of contention when the question of letting the region complete its shared presidential due, as per PDP’s zoning formula, cropped up after President Yar’Adua’s untimely but long foreseen death. Our present presidential politics and the politics of the presidential election would not augur well for the dramatis personae, according to the Primate.

Of course, he rightly predicted that President Jonathan would win the presidential election, a win and victory that would come into being through massive rigging “by the powers that be.” Was the presidential election really “massively rigged”, as predicted by the Primate? The answer is flowing and floating in the creeks and rivers of the Southern Nigeria and hopping and galloping in the savannah and desert of the Northern Nigeria. But the prophecies that must perturb us are these: “Jonathan would win the election, but he would not be allowed to rule,” and “Nigeria would be bedeviled by myriads of problems in the new year until the man that God has ordained to rule this country comes into power.” These prophecies may truly be perturbing, but they happily make me recall “Ezra on Mount Sinai” in 2 Esdras 2:34 – 35 : “Wait for your shepherd who is coming very soon,… to give you eternal rest. Be ready to receive the blessings of the kingdom, for eternal light will shine on you forever.”

If we must believe Primate Olabayo, President Jonathan is not Nigeria’s shepherd to lead us poor sheep to the grazing fields and aromatic leaves of felicity. He is not the messiah chosen by God to lead us to our democratic destiny - despite the PDP’s presidential politics that gave the party the win and victory that Buhari’s Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) is now disputing and contesting in court.

Unfortunately for General Buhari and his CPC , the shepherd and messiah cannot be found where they are. The no nonsense General is also not the expected deliverer. No matter the open and surreptitious backing General Buhari may get from ex-Vice President Atiku and ex-Military President Babangida, he shall not smell the presidency, for he, like President Jonathan, is not the Lord’s favoured and appointed one to take Nigerians to the heights of joyful splendour.

Naturally, our politicians, their godfathers and contractors are going to run to babalawos for rituals of cannibals to halt this prophecy of their doom, but the words of God who “spoke the word at the beginning of creation and formed the world,” shall surely come to pass, verily, verily, Primate Theophilus Olabayo says. Indeed, the perilous times that are coming with great emergencies will not in any ill  and adverse manner threaten our entire national enterprise. If any thing, the troubulous times shall jet us out of the corruption and darkness of our present times and age, and ultimately, we shall give thanks to God and Allah whose kingdom of splendour shall be our lot. Rejoice, Nigerians, rejoice!

Now, before I dwell further on other pertinent aspects of Primate Olabayo’s prophecies, I feel the need to draw some similarity between his and Bishop Emmanuel Jatu’s of Faith Prophetic Assembly Worldwide, Abuja. For those who might not know him well on account of his relative newness to us students and learners of the art and act of public prophecies, Bishop Jatau, like Primate Olabayo, is an acclaimed prophet who followed the example of the Primate to prophesy the deaths of Yar’Adua, Stella Obasanjo, General Abacha, among others. On being asked what would become of Nigeria and our well known political personages in this year of elections, he answered thus: “None of them (including Jonathan, Atiku, Buhari…) is the right candidate for Nigeria. If Atiku wins the primaries, Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) will make Nigeria ungovernable, and if Jonathan wins, Boko Haram will do the same. Now, look at the problem of rotation that the political class just threw up lately…. Now, it is the turn of the North to continue for a particular period before a peaceful rotation, and the political class says, no. That is where the logjam is coming from.

Today,  people are praying that the military should not return, but I see that it is the same people that will bring the military into politics again and they will kill all these politicians, one by one. Therefore, expect another coup, because what this present election will herald is to bring the country back to square one. This is the point where the country will again return to military rule for another number of years. Mark my words, there will be about two military regimes,  because another set of the military will take over from another one on the ground for non-performance. We have not seen crisis yet. There will still be more bombings. Nigerians should expect more because this is a year when there will be a lot of migration from Nigeria abroad because of crisis. 2011 will be a year that will witness the worst form of retirement crisis in the public sector” (National Life, Saturday, January, 8, 2011, page 6).

Clearly, Bishop Jatau and Primate Olabayo are two of a kind although the latter is Nigeria’s public prophet laureate waiting to be so adorned by us all.

(To be concluded next Monday when you will be served Primate Olabayo’s seemingly apocalyptic bombshell. Please book for your copies of Monday Tribune in advance).
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